A message from ELC's trustees: ELC is winding down as a charity


The Eastern Leadership Centre (ELC) has had an excellent track record since 2003, as a charity supporting professionals and volunteers in education to improve what they do and how they lead others. The growth of a school-centred, school-led education system is something ELC has been proud to support over many years.

Following a systematic strategic review ELC as a registered charity has now ceased its trading activities and is in the process of winding down as an organisation. For more information about successor organisations, please click here.

ELC trustees have chosen to pass current programmes to others. In so doing their selection process has tested that such organisations have aims compatible with ELC’s charitable mission, that they appear secure, will deliver high quality for learners and be capable of future expansion in a challenging market place. The best interests of learners have been at the heart of all such decision-making.

We are confident that the transition of ELC programmes and activities to the organisations selected is the strongest way of ensuring the continuation of ELC’s charitable mission.

ELC has always worked in partnership: with schools, other charities, local authorities and national government. Those partnerships have extended far beyond the Eastern region and involved for example head teachers, early years leaders, head and deputy head teachers, teachers and educators at all levels of leadership, special educational needs co-ordinators, teaching assistants, governors and many more.

We would therefore like to thank ELC’s numerous learners, students, customers, partners, contractors, suppliers and collaborators for their commercial and professional support since 2003. It has been a pleasure to work together in the past and we wish you the best of luck in the future.