For ten years the Eastern Leadership Centre (ELC) has supported professionalising the work of teaching assistants, by training and assessing people across Eastern England for the status of ‘Higher Level Teaching Assistant’ (HLTA). Since 2012, when government funding ceased for teaching assistant training, that work continued through a national collaboration with four other organisations who came together to form the ‘National Assessment Partnership’.  Together we have maintained the national assessment standards for the Higher Level Teaching Assistant status, a status that has been consistently successful in raising the standard and profile of teaching assistants in English schools.

Following a strategic review of our work and mission as a charity, ELC is ceasing future work with teaching assistants and leaving the National Assessment Partnership; but we are very pleased to announce that assessment for HLTAs in the Eastern region will continue through the Best Practice Network (BPN). BPN is another of those five founder partners in the National Assessment Partnership, is hugely experienced in training and assessing teaching assistants and makes a significant contribution to the professional development of many other groups working in education.

The ELC has enjoyed a close working relationship with ‘Best Practice’, as they are generally known, for many years.  We are delighted that they will continue not only to assess teaching assistants in the Eastern region against the standards for HLTA, but will also develop ELC’s pioneering work in formally accrediting the HLTA status to earn nationally recognised credits at level 4 of the qualifications framework.

To find out more about future courses in the Eastern region preparing teaching assistants for HLTA assessment, and how you can apply to join, please contact Best Practice through either Beth Collins (01179 209424 or Jemma Hagan (01179 209204